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Welcome To Our Site!

VannTechnologies,Inc. was incorporated in 2016 in the State of Georgia.


A Large Problem

THE car jack has become one of the most dangerous products on the market, contributing to a third of all non-moving car related deaths.


Executive Summary


Who We Are

We're a technological corporation incorporated in May 31, 1999 in the State of Georgia. We formed with the intent of creating technological advances in the field of electromagnetics through the use of patented innovations.


"Cutting-Edge" Technology
Vanntech is on the "cutting-edge" of technological advances within the field of electromagnetics. Recognizing the change in the Automotive industry through technological advances, and the need of the Lift Industry to keep pace, VTI has created "E MAG VLS". A patented, remote controlled, electromagnetic "vehicle lift system".


"Dark Side" of Car Jacks

Car jacks top list of deadly products
THE car jack has become one of the most dangerous products on the market, with coroners figures showing more than a third of deaths blamed on broken or mishandled products were due to wrongly used jacks.


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
According to the NHTSA’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis, Incidents involving automotive jacks accounted for about 10,000 injuries seen in emergency departments per year and frequently occurred while repairing vehicles or changing tires .